Working your first summer festival this year? This site contains a collection of tips, tricks, merch, and festival essentials for event staff. Because many of us who work and volunteer in this field are life-long learners & teachers, this site will be an excellent resource to help you come prepared and have a great experience. So, grab a bevy, spend some time looking around, share your experiences and I’ll see you out there.

Here, I will share with you, my experiences over the past 20+ years. My specialty has been preparing and deploying medical equipment for large and complex Canadian events. During this time, I have met many friends along the way and we have shared many ‘adventures’ together. Most of them started well before the sun came up, on our day’s off and for some of us, these events have become our vacation destinations. My hope is to share festival essentials with future event staff and share stories from other event veterans.

These two sites contain a wealth of information from Canadian health care professional – a few of those ‘event veterans’ I hinted at above:

What Festival Essentials do Event Staff bring?
Great view, great music, fun working with new friends

This site is filled with fun & crafty products in the store, an informational blog, and links that share new things I am learning and working on now. Basically, stories that capture Event Life!

These next chapters belong to everyone who has or soon will be catching the ‘event bug’.

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