Convid-19 How are you preparing?
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With Covid-19 making its rounds in Canada right now, how are you preparing?

This week, in the news, we are starting to see special events and mass gatherings cancel or rebook their shows/events for dates later in the summer. The trickle down effect from this is leading to many workplaces that rely on events, to start reducing staff hours or close their doors for the next few weeks.

Because the goal we should be working towards is to ‘decrease the curve’ and give hospitals a better chance to treat people as they become sick.

Borrowed from Michigan Medicine’s website | Graphic by Stephanie King

So, I’m curious to see what everyone is doing and how you are preparing to do your bit to reduce the impact of Covid-19 within our communities.


Everywhere we look, we are seeing reminders to wash your hands. There are even infographics showing you how to do it and for how long. What I haven’t seen too much of is…When should I be washing my hands?

When do you wash your hands?

  • Wash after using the washrooms
  • Before eating or preparing food
  • If you cough or sneeze, its a good idea to wash
  • Before & after all patient contacts (since many of us reading this blog are in healthcare)

These are the most common and maybe for some people, this is plenty. But should we be doing more? Share with us, your hand washing habits and whether or not they have changed lately. For example, do you now wash your hands as soon as you get home from work or shopping? How many times a day should people aim for?

Grocery Prep

Have you stocked up your freezer or pantry a little more than usual? Maybe you are you planning on going out this weekend, so you have enough stuff if we are all suddenly asked to stay home and shops are asked to close.

Covid-19 How are you preparing?

For me, I have done a little more than usual. Sometimes before the summer event season, I do a similar type of shop so I have food in the house that can be prepared quickly without much thought. If I don’t do that, I end up Skipping the Dishes or turning to chocolate. When what I really want is something easy, fresh and crisp. Cold cucumbers, are one of my favourites after being out in the sun and dust all day.

  • Spaghetti Squash is one of my go-to’s
  • Ground beef & chicken are staples in my freezer
  • Peppers, cucumber, celery, radishes are my fav’s but I don’t stock up as they will turn mushy and gross before I could eat them all
  • My soda-stream is one of my best friends, I love the bubbly water
  • Eggs, lots of these
  • And then some canned stuff and lots of dried beans or lentils in my pantry. Staples I learned from my mom in my much younger days when we were on a very tight budget.
  • Oh, and my luxury items are Coke Zero, parmesan cheese, hot salsa, ranch dressing, and Coconut Chocolate Chip Good Fat Bars – yup, I do get those from Amazon and they are delivering my stash soon.

Does my list look reasonable to you? Should I have added other things?


With Covid-19, how are you preparing if your workplace shuts down or reduces your hours?

This one really interests me. At the beginning of 2020, I took a huge leap of faith and left the security of a full-time job, my dream job actually. I didn’t have a plan, but I knew it was important for me to find a better work/life balance. Since event people are some of the best people I have ever worked with, I am lucky to still be involved in my favourite type of work but in more of a consultant/contractor role. And that’s how my new business has evolved from event crafting to consulting, educating, accessories and so much more. If you find yourself looking for some admin or project management support, I have a few openings available.

Bringing the focus back to you, how you are preparing, what’s happening at your workplace? Are you facing a full shutdown because no events equals no money coming in and you are doing damage control. Or no guests at your event to respect crowd distance – no close contact. Maybe someone in your workplace is ill and you are closing to reduce the spread of infection.

In the context of event medicine, does this mean you are out of work and home for the next couple weeks? For some of us, unfortunately it does.

Taking some sort of action can help calm the stress and uncertainty of, “what am I going to do now!” What ideas do you have that you can still do at home? Do you have skills that cross over virtually?

Everyone is on social media right now – maybe a company is looking for help managing their accounts, especially with sending out appropriate posts or updates related to their business because of Covid-19. Many people are still looking for work and searching job sites who need support building their resumes or writing cover letters. One of the hardest things people find is writing about themselves. I’ve recently joined a site called Fiverr to pick up ‘gigs’ where people pay me for my services. I’ve even hired a few people to help me out. Disclaimer, I’ve only posted one gig right now and haven’t put much into promoting myself, but this is something I am trying. I love working from home!


No one is sure what is going to happen in the next few weeks. So how are you preparing if you end up at home during Covid-19? How can you support your friends, family, workplace… I’d love to keep the discussion going and hear your tips or tricks to stay safe and busy. Will you try your hand at some virtual work?

Covid-19 How are you preparing?

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