The other night while I was scrolling Twitter, I came across this tweet and started thinking how it might relate to event work. What do you do if you are feeling nauseous but the show must go on?

Alcohol swabs for nausea 😳

Research articles shared by Nick Johnson through Twitter:

What do you think? Something you would look into further before adding to your practice? A trick you already use? Leave your comments, below. I think this is a neat topic for use at festivals.

Feeling Nauseous – must keep going…

When you think about feeling nauseous at a festival, your first thoughts might go to ‘over intoxication’. A spectator drank too much, drank too fast, or tried a combination of alcohol mixed with other substances. These people often pop into the medical tent looking for and getting help to relieve their symptoms.

But what if you are the medical help or what if you support the event in a different role? What are some tips you can use to keep yourself feeling well throughout your shift?

Feeling Nauseous When The Show Must Go On
Photo by Maxime Bhm on Unsplash

Check the weather forecast before heading out

  • Many of us are posted out in the elements for long periods of time during our shifts. If it’s gonna be hot, the sun and heat will take it’s toll. Pack a hat, sunscreen, fluids, a small portable fan, and snacks.

Drink fluids

  • Keep hydrated by alternating between water and electrolyte type drinks throughout the day. Take a minute to offer a water to your co-workers. It is so easy to go for hours without a drink because we get busy. Pro Tip: Take a second to put your name on your bottle so you can spot which one is yours. We always end up with loads of ‘unclaimed’ water bottles throughout the day.

Planning to party after your shift?

  • Remember that your crew is relying on you to be on your game next shift. Plan your night accordingly. Continue to drink water in between drinks. Drink in moderation. Call it a night early enough so you get the amount of sleep you need.

Mystery food

  • Before grabbing any old snack, ask yourself if it’s been sitting out in the hot sun. Food safe is important and the teams that prepare your food follow rules to keep it safe, but if you have been carrying your little, brown, lunch bag around since 9:00 am, you might not want to eat that yogurt.

Know your limits – ask for help

  • Everyone has a limit before they start going down hill. If this is your first big event, your limit may be lower than you think. Events take a different type of toll on our bodies. If you are feeling the effects of a long shift or the hot weather, ask you team lead for some shade, a chair, a snack, water or to be rotated to a different position for a while.

These are some tips that can help you from feeling nauseous during the show, because your team is relying on you to keep going.

If you ever feel like you can’t keep going, it’s time to visit the medical tent. Don’t be shy, they are wonderful and have loads of options to help you get back on your feet.

Feeling Nauseous When The Show Must Go On

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