Great Designs for Event Crew

These hoodies are designed with all of you in mind. You get up early, bring your unique skills, and do whatever it takes to make your event successful.

This page will showcase some of the newer designs as they become available. To see more cool stuff, click one of my stores below:

Hoodie Designs for Event CrewHoodie Designs for Event Crew
Event Medicine Festival At Sunset

That’s Event Life

Hoodie Designs for Event CrewHoodie Designs for Event Crew
That’s Event Life

That’s Event Life


Looking for something cooler…we have T-Shirts.

Wondering why you can’t find all the special designs for event crew right here, in one place? The simple answer is $$’s. Because, the cost of carrying inventory would drive up the price at this time. Another reason is variety. Some of you are interested in clothing (the most popular) and then some of you are interested in gift like items such as stickers, coffee cups, pillows, event flags, etc.

It’s definitely a goal to grow and do more things ‘in-house’. Then start to hire a small staff, creating jobs to design, receive, manage stock and the most fun…prepare your orders.

Until then, working with a couple ‘print on demand’ shops is a great way to get you cool event stuff.