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Are you looking for a pouch that carries your ‘event essentials’? Well, this 2-pack is Amazon’s Choice for a molle bag, and it even comes with a morale patch! Everyone loves patches, especially if they are of the Canadian Flag.

With a 4.6 star average rating, this pouch holds your keys, wallet, headlamp, phone, flashlight and still has room for a bit more. Great for holding first aid supplies too. Many emergency service workers & volunteers carry at a minimum medical gloves and a pocket mask when roaming around event grounds and even during our regular day-to-day activities. I like that this comes with 2 pouches because it makes it so much easier to grab the pouch already packed for the job you need. Saving you time by not having to repack your kit for different tasks.

How is it for size? Being about 6″ H x 4″L x 2″W makes these pouches comfortable to carry on your belt. Not too bulky according to Amazon reviewers. The Molle webbing works well when attaching to other Molle compatible products. The AMYIPO Tactical Molle Pouch is definitely worth taking a look at.

Why I think you might like this pouch? If I didn’t already have pouches, this would be on my shortlist for sure. Click here to learn more about me and how I have been involved in event medicine for the past 20+ years. Event medicine is a safe place to get your feet under you if you are a new graduate in any of the health services. Loads of experienced people who love teaching. Most of us are there because we love it and not for a paycheque. Pro Tip: Bring coffee!

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Top Molle Pouches Tactical Kit (2 pack) Amazon’s Choice

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