A festival site is a unique place to work. So here are some suggestions of useful items to have at a festival for medical or emergency service providers. To keep this page from being a gigantic run-on ad, that lists tons of options, I will add a product example of items I would try if I needed to replace my stuff. NOTE: clicking the links will take you to other sites.


It’s definitely nice to have your own. Many medical companies will provide stethoscopes as part of their standard gear, so if you don’t have your own yet, it’s okay. But, think about this…who’s ears were they in last? Pro Tip: wipe them down with an alcohol pad before and after using.

Because we work in the elements I suggest finding a mid-level stethoscope unless you MUST have something that is higher quality. The reason I suggest a mid-range stethoscope is that it has a higher risk of getting lost or broken in the field.

Useful item to have at a festival - stethoscope

MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope

  • $30 range
  • lots of color options
  • lightweight
  • good entry level stethoscope


Someone is always looking for a pair of shears on event! Pro Tip: Never let yours out of your site. As good intentioned as people are, we get pulled in multiple directions when on event and the next thing you know, your shears are in someones pocket and they are on the other side of the venue.

So, share this link full of useful items to have at a festival with your event friends so they can be prepared too.

Useful item to have at a festival - trauma shears

7″ Bent EMT Trauma Shears

  • $10 range
  • finely serrated which helps a lot with the cutting
  • easy to hold

Useful item to have at a festival - trauma shears

Carabiner Trauma Shears

  • $30 range
  • clips onto your vest or duty belt – never loose them
  • lots of great color choices

I have the red pair and love them. They feel well built and the clip is strong. I’m not the most gentle person when working an event. Always climbing in and out of the equipment truck, carrying bins, bags, boxes.


This 2-pack looks like a good option for events. Easy to pop one in your pocket and comes with a spare in case you loose one or it breaks. When looking for a flashlight, one with different brightness levels is nice so you don’t unnecessarily blind the festival goers. The strobe setting helps your team find you in a crowd too! Pro Tip: Always, always, always, take your flashlight with you to the porta-potty at night.

Useful item to have at a festival - flashlight

Tactical Pocket Flashlight – Water Resistant

  • $20 range (for 2)
  • water resistant
  • uses 1 x 18650 Li-on rechargeable battery OR 3 x AAA batteries (not included so be sure to pack extra)
  • ~1600 lumens

Portable Charger

Sitting in a first aid tent or on a UTV all day where you don’t have easy access to a charger, you definitely want some sort of portable power source. Because what are you going to do when your phone suddenly shuts down. These are also great to help charge patient’s phones so you can reunite them with their friends or family.

My charger (only 10400 mAh) is getting on with age, but slowly and reliably still gets my iPhone X charged. It’s something I carry with me on every event.

Portable Charger

  • $60 range
  • 26800 mAh
  • charges in 14-15 hours
  • charges 3 Devices Simultaneously

Clip-On Cat Ears

Super fun and definitely a useful item to have at a festival. Because we gotta fit in! If cat ears are a little too loud for you, maybe check out something a little more subtle – my 1″ buttons.

Pawster Clip Furry Mew Ears

  • $70 range
  • fauz fur
  • loads of colors
  • free shipping

Look around, there are others out there that don’t look as pricey but I’m finding them around the same price due to shipping from the US to Canada.

I have a brown pair and a burnt reddish pair!

Just For Fun


Why so much Amazon? Because I shop Amazon all the time! I also joined to be part of their Affiliate program. That means I get a small percentage if someone buys something from one of my links. I can definitely use the extra cash. And, I get to choose what I promote, so I try to look for things I have bought or that I would buy if money allows and if I need it.

Useful items to have at a festival

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