At the end of the summer of 2019, I made a choice to change the amount of time I spent working, so I wanted to find a hobby. One of the things I enjoy doing is being creative on my computer and learning new software programs and skills.

After spending a lot of time with ‘Dr. Google’ and YouTube, I began designing some event style t-shirts for my ‘day job’. I even took a silkscreening workshop to help me better understand how to create designs that our printer could work with. It was a lot of fun and Bob at Metro Graphic Supplies was super friendly & knowledgeable. My goal was to learn enough to make a ‘fun’ t-shirt for my cousin’s son to remind him of all the cool things he did over the Summer of 2019. To keep this story short, I still have loads to learn and stuff to get to be set up to print shirts. My goal isn’t to run a t-shirt business but make some fun one-offs. This project sat on the back-burner over the summer.

Next, I discovered the world of Silhouette vinyl cutters. Making all kinds of decals was about as addicting as getting tattoos. I’m loving this machine (Cameo 3) and still have loads to learn so I can max out its potential. Take it to the limit…right!

My newest addition is a 1″ button maker. This tool is AWESOME! I’ve been creating loads of cute little buttons and I have so many ideas for more waiting to hit the design table. YouTube has been my university and there have been so many people out there who’ve made interesting and educational videos. One channel that really stands out to me is Bumble Baylee. She talks to you like you are an old friend, she works really hard, is super creative, intelligent, interesting, and she’s got a couple adorable little kitties who make many appearances in her videos. I’ve learned lots from her and think you should check out her stuff.

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